Mighty Lessons From A Paper Cup at Continuous Learning Session
Learning need not be monotonous and it is not monotonous at all at our Continuous Learning sessions. Read on to find out what we did differently this time
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Mighty Lessons From A Humble Paper Cup

MyNextHire Continuous Learning

Mighty Lessons From A Humble Paper Cup

Instinctively knowing when to run forward, when to ease back and when to let someone else take over… these are the marks of a great team and great team player.


Relay races are run on the principles of the above quote. It is really inspiring when you realize where else you can use in day-to-day life. Especially, at work. We have these team within companies and we holler about team spirit, teamwork, and success, but how many of you have learned it is a fun way? In the nitty-gritty of everyday work life, stress and frustrations, it is easy to feel disheartened at times. But the game called “Paper Cup Relay” at our Continuous Learning session ensured that we understand, respect and value teamwork and team spirit.

MyNextHire Continuous Learning

Get, Set, Ready, Go..

I don’t want to rave about our Continuous Learning sessions. We, as a team, absolutely love them. There is learning, there is laughter and that team bonding always shows through for us at these sessions. And this one was no different. The Paper Cup Relay team game was led by Yogita Nalkande, Head of Customer Success.

As with every team game, there was a target to be met. Pushing the maximum number of cups to the finish line in 7 minutes. Easy? No, not at all. As happens in a  relay race, the paper cups had to be pushed with straw and had to remain on track; if they toppled, that was a foul. There were two teams – Team Pritam and Team Avinash, led by Pritam and Avinash, respectively. Team Pritam pushed the maximum paper cups to the finish line and won the game.

MyNextHire Continuous Learning

Passing the cup to the next runner

After the fun aspect, it was time for lessons. And the team learned a lot – from strategy to changing the plan on the go as the situation changed to understanding each other as well as understanding their strength and weakness. It was also about how they strategized to increase team productivity and stay true to the game. Like for e.g., if one member strayed out of the track towards the end, they would own it up vs. continuing the game. It was an excellent example of integrity – being honest when no one is looking. These are lessons that cannot be taught through sessions – they come within the heart. And it also means that they are willing to lead by example, which is such a great leadership quality.

There, do you see now what the continuous learning sessions at work brings out – great teamwork, great team members who are not just connected by the baton… I mean… the paper cups of the relay race, but also by emotion called team spirit and integrity. I am reminded of this beautiful quote by Vince Lombardi:

“Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

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